Honda Plans For Electric Car Launches In US & Japan

According to the head of Honda Motor Co, the automobile major has plans for rolling out Honda electric cars in Europe, Japan as well as the United States. This is an indication of the change in strategy adopted by the Japan's No. 2 automobile manufacturer, while it gears up for the launch of next gen fuel-efficient automobiles.

Honda had earlier scrapped the idea of plug-in electric cars saying that such cars were fit for short-range use, when the costs of batteries are considered. Honda had been projecting hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles as the best zero-emission alternative to current gen combustion engine automobiles.

But the automobile major, in a recent statement, had mentioned that the setting up of hydrogen fuelling stations is so slow that it can restrict the sale of automobiles using hydrogen as fuel. It also mentioned that it will have to launch ‘pure’ electric cars for meeting the stringent Californian regulations.

Chief Executive Takanobu Ito said that in addition to the US market, the automaker would consider electric cars for other markets including Europe and Japan.

He mentioned that Honda still believes in hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles would be the final word in car technology, with electric cars being just a medium for achieving the target.

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