Norwich could pioneer electric cars

NORWICH could be among the first cities in the country to pioneer the wider use of electric cars, with officials planning to register an interest in a national scheme.

The government announced a £250m vision to get more drivers into electric cars, with £20m put aside to foster a core of cities and regions interested in developing an infra-structure to charge electric vehicles.

Council bosses are finding out more about the scheme and now, in a separate move, an initial feasibility study is to be carried out in the city to find out how viable it is and how much of an impact it will make on emissions.

Marcus Armes, from the CRed carbon reduction campaign, which is based at the University of East Anglia, said: “The concept of Norwich as a pioneering city for low-carbon electric vehicles is a really exciting one, and CRed is keen to see this opportunity grasped by the local councils and business community.

“However, we need to ensure that the city and its environs are appropriate for a possible government-funded pilot programme of electric vehicles, and that the scheme will lead to carbon savings. With these points in mind, we are undertaking a brief scoping study to be carried out by a local student of the feasibility of Norwich becoming a pilot city for electric vehicle use.”

The student is sponsored by the Nuffield Foundation, which provides a bursary for talented youngsters to carry out a research project with practising scientists.

Currently, electric car owners can get free parking permits in Norwich and can recharge their vehicles at both Chapelfield Shopping Centre and The Mall, Norwich.

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